Naicher New Materials (Yingkou) Co., Ltd. is based on the new stage of development, seizes the opportunity of a century, deeply rooted in the fertile soil of customers, employees, society and the government, and comprehensively promotes transformation and upgrading and high-quality development,

Join hands with ecological partners to create innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable high-tech enterprises and make new contributions to the national strategic development and the new journey towards common prosperity.

Registered capital (10000)
Annual capacity (ton)
Senior talents (proportion)
0Hundred million+
The realized investment is 200 million yuan+
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Naicher New Materials (Yingkou) Co., Ltd. has always considered making more contributions to the society as its corporate goal. The company attaches great importance to the support of poor employees and the protection of the environment.

The work of energy saving and emission reduction, and the elimination of old production lines has never stopped, and every employee of the company will feel the warmth of home ..

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