Our policy

From the beginning of our establishment, our goal has been to become an environment-friendly enterprise integrating industry and trade. Through comprehensive control of waste recycling and pollutant discharge, we are continuing to move towards a future that combines low carbon and environmental protection.

Our measures

In the environmental management system, we have installed an online automatic monitoring system for air pollution discharge and sewage discharge, which can detect and standardize the pollutant discharge process on-line in real time, and ensure that the discharge of factory wastewater and exhaust gas meets the national and local environmental protection standards. A set of recycling systems; and the disposal of waste also meets environmental protection requirements.

Our results

We continue to reduce waste water, waste gas and waste emissions from our production processes. By optimizing the management system and using new technology and equipment, we are committed to creating a resource utilization model of reduction, reuse and recycling inside and outside the enterprise.

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