Our policy

We are happy to take social responsibility and strive to promote the sustainable development of the communities where we operate. By increasing the performance of corporate social responsibility year by year, the participation in community contribution will be implemented as a long-term mechanism.

Our measures

We actively carry out poverty alleviation activities, and implement the "help fund" plan to encourage employees to actively participate in the "Love Donation" activities to provide financial support for children's education for families of employees who encounter difficulties. At the same time, it has in-depth cooperation with the Disabled Persons' Federation to actively create employment opportunities for the disabled.

Our results

We help many employees who encounter difficulties in work and life, and build a long-term mechanism in all aspects of life, education, medical care, etc., and create a good atmosphere of mutual love and mutual assistance. At the same time, he has participated in many charity donations organized by the Red Cross Society, and has made donations for many times in disaster areas such as epidemics, floods, and earthquakes.

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