Our policy

We actively build a secure production environment. Guided by the policy of "people-oriented, safety first", we actively establish a safety production responsibility mechanism suitable for our production characteristics, and adopt the policy of "management, equipment, and training".

Our measures

Our employees establish the idea of "safety first, prevention first", strengthen employee education and training, enhance safety awareness and self-protection ability, regularly hold special training on safety production, and provide employees with necessary safety and labor protection products such as dustproof and anti-smashing. . We also invest resources to upgrade and transform production equipment to improve the safety of equipment and ensure the safety of employees. We actively install and renovate dust removal equipment in each production workshop to keep the air flow in the workshop fresh.

Our results

All indicators of our occupational health and safety management system are in line with international health and safety production standards. A number of safety training activities are held every quarter, all front-line employees are required to participate in the training, and the front-line employees are nervous about safety production by means of knowledge competitions and job sampling inspections. Special operators need to receive relevant special training on a regular basis, and all are required to hold a certificate for work, and the work-related injury rate has been kept at a low level.

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