Our policy

We adhere to the management concept of "home culture" and establish a sound talent management mechanism to attract and cultivate talents for sustainable development.

Our measures

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Labor Law" and the national social security laws and regulations, we provide all employees with medical allowances and social insurance welfare programs to protect employees' right to rest and vacation. We comprehensively cultivate talent development, focus on vocational education and training, and provide employees with comprehensive training including knowledge and skills.

Our results

We have established an attractive salary and welfare system, regularly inspected the salary levels of employees at all levels, and strived to establish a fair, reasonable and highly competitive salary system. In addition, we abide by labor standards, safeguard the rights and interests of employees, comply with and comply with the relevant management regulations and codes of operation in the place of operation, including international human rights and labor standards, promise to protect labor rights, eliminate any form of forced labor, and firmly resist the use of child labor.

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